Sport Mode Mazda Cx5 [All You Need to Know]

Sport Mode Mazda Cx5

One of the most well-liked small SUVs available today is the Mazda CX-5. This car has several features that set it apart from the competition. One of the standout features is its Sport Mode, which allows drivers to enhance the vehicle’s performance and responsiveness with just the touch of a button.  This feature has become … Read more

What Does SLT Stand for on GMC?

If you’ve ever seen a GMC vehicle, particularly a pickup truck or an SUV, you may have noticed the letters “SLT” on the model name. SLT stands for “Special Luxury Trim,” and it’s used to describe a specific trim level on GMC vehicles.  This trim level is one of the high-end options available and generally … Read more

ECT Power [What Does it Mean?]

ECT Power button

ECT Power stands for Electronically Controlled Transmission Power. It is a feature found in some Toyota vehicles, such as Toyota Tacoma. This power button helps to provide better performance and acceleration when needed. It operates by using an electrical solenoid. Have you ever seen an ECT PWR button in your Toyota and wondered why it’s … Read more

275 vs 285 Tires [What are the Differences?]

car tires

Car tires are essential components of the car. They support the weight of the vehicle and transfer traction/braking forces to the road surface. The performance, fuel efficiency, and general appearance of your car can all be impacted by selecting the proper tire size for your car.  Are you in the market for new tires for … Read more