D-Rated Tires

D-rated tires

Getting tires without the help of a professional can be tedious, especially if you don’t know how to read tire ratings. I have over two decades of driving experience—long enough to know about tires. So, drawing from my well of knowledge, I’ll explain everything you need to know about d-rated tires.  So, what are d-rated … Read more

What are E-Rated Tires?

E-rated tires

Tires are mostly categorized based on their load-bearing capacity. Each tire rating is best suited for different purposes to ensure optimal performance. Out of the tire ratings, we have the E-rated tires, which this article is about. This article will answer the question, what are E-rated tires? According to my research, E-rated tires are tire … Read more

Car Shakes After New Tires

Car Shakes After New Tires

One thing I look forward to as a car user is getting new tires. I usually envisage renewed high performance, which I often get. However, the last time I changed my tires, my excitement was reduced to ground zero when the new tires started shaking. That begs the question: Why does my car shake after … Read more

Check Engine Flashing Only at Idle

Check Engine Flashing

When the check engine light begins to flash, it serves as a warning that there may be an issue with your vehicle. Various factors could lead to this occurrence, but when it happens while your vehicle is idling, what exactly does it signify? Common causes include misfires, fuel system issues, or problems with sensors. However, … Read more