Engine Fault Service Now [What Does it Mean?]

An Engine car is a sophisticated system with various aspects that need to work together to enable it to function effectively. However, due to some issues, the engine can develop faults that might require immediate attention. 

For modern automobiles like Ford, a warning message usually comes on. This message, which is displayed on the dashboard, appears when the ECU identifies an issue with the engine. And this warning can be a cause for concern, particularly if you’re not familiar with your car’s engine. 

In this blog post, we will explore the common causes of an “engine fault service now” warning and the steps you should take to fix it. 

Engine Fault Service

What Does the ‘Engine Fault Service Now’ Mean?

An engine fault service now is a message displayed on the dashboard that often shows that there is an issue with your engine. 

According to the vehicle’s make and model, the warning’s precise intent and level of seriousness can change.

This means there is no serious issue in certain circumstances, while in others it might be a sign of a more serious engine issue that and if not fixed early, could result in the car breaking down.

Take your car to a certified mechanic or dealership as soon as you can if you notice this warning message to have it examined.

What Causes Engine Fault Service Now?

1. Faulty Temperature Sensors Circuits

When there is an issue with the intake air temperature sensor circuit, it is the primary and most frequent cause of the “engine fault service now” message. To determine whether this circuit is in good shape, you must be an expert mechanic or automotive technician and carefully examine the vehicle.

If the technician finds a problem with the circuits, you’ll need to fix it or maybe replace it if it’s necessary.

2. Engine Misfire

This is one of the most common reasons for the Engine Problem. When there is a misfire, a warning light illuminates your dashboard. If your engine has this problem, the combustion inside the cylinders might not be completed. This can result in a variety of other issues, including insufficient fuel economy, poor acceleration, and lower overall performance.

3. Issues with the Powertrain

The other component that needs inspection is the Powertrain. If there is a problem with the Powertrain, the driver will frequently complain and may issue an error that reads “engine fault servicing now.”

If you’re not an expert, it could be challenging to determine whether the Powertrain is in trouble or not. For your technician to inspect your car and identify any potential issues, we advise you to take it to the workshop.

4. Speed Sensor Malfunction

The speed sensor is the last thing you should check because it may also set up an engine-related issue, which your Ford will now interpret as an engine failure. If the speed sensor isn’t functioning properly, it might lead to a lot of additional problems. 

5. Bad O2 Sensor

For engine fuel-injected cars, a faulty O2 sensor can be the reason for this warning message. When the ECU notices that your car’s O2 sensors are malfunctioning, it quickly switches on the “Engine Fault Service Now” warning light.

What to Do When You See Engine Fault Service Now Warning

You must take urgent action if your Ford complains of an internal issue and shows an error code indicating engine trouble. Otherwise, the issues deteriorate and costs may mount.

Here is what you should perform anytime you handle that engine trouble service right now:

1. Carefully Examine the Vehicle

Before moving the car, you need to thoroughly check it. To make sure there are no problems that necessitate stopping your automobile or having it towed to the closest repair facility, you should inspect the car.

2. Consult your Mechanic

The next step is to speak with your mechanic after you are sure you can drive your automobile safely to the closest repair facility or after you have determined what is wrong with the car in general. To find out if you can keep driving this car, you can phone your mechanic and explain the problem.

Whenever you arrive at the repair facility, your mechanic must carefully examine all the parts that could cause the engine error code.

3. Reset the Engine Fault System Light

After repairing the vehicle, you may still need to reset the light. There are two methods you can apply depending on your car model.

How to Reset Engine Fault System Now

1. Reset the Engine Malfunction Lights Using the Information Display Reset

The information display is the first and simplest way to reset your Ford engine malfunction light. This is quite simple; simply follow the directions on the display and use the buttons on your driving wheel. For more information on this procedure, consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual.

2. Using a Manual Reset, Reset the Engine Malfunction Light

You might try another method to reset. This is mostly for Ford vehicles without a display. To reset this button, make sure your car is off.

Then, while attempting to start your vehicle, press the gas pedal and the broken brake simultaneously for roughly 30 seconds. You’ll notice that the warning light has vanished.


How long is it safe to drive a Ford with a problem service now light on?

Certain drivers may need to pay closer attention to the faults or trouble codes on their Ford. Unfortunately, this is never a good decision because it simply causes more problems and costs you more money.

So, the best course of action is to take your automobile to the closest mechanic and have it checked out.

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Engine fault service now is a message that comes up when there is an issue with the engine. It usually comes with a warning light.

This light simply indicates that the ECU has identified an issue with your engine. Therefore, ignoring the warning on your screen might be dangerous.

As a result, we urge you not to drive your car if it has an engine fault service issue. Rather, you should visit your mechanic right away to help you identify and fix the issue.