D-Rated Tires

D-rated tires

Getting tires without the help of a professional can be tedious, especially if you don’t know how to read tire ratings. I have over two decades of driving experience—long enough to know about tires. So, drawing from my well of knowledge, I’ll explain everything you need to know about d-rated tires.  So, what are d-rated … Read more

What are E-Rated Tires?

E-rated tires

Tires are mostly categorized based on their load-bearing capacity. Each tire rating is best suited for different purposes to ensure optimal performance. Out of the tire ratings, we have the E-rated tires, which this article is about. This article will answer the question, what are E-rated tires? According to my research, E-rated tires are tire … Read more

Car Shakes After New Tires

Car Shakes After New Tires

One thing I look forward to as a car user is getting new tires. I usually envisage renewed high performance, which I often get. However, the last time I changed my tires, my excitement was reduced to ground zero when the new tires started shaking. That begs the question: Why does my car shake after … Read more