Warning Red Circle Light on Dashboard

A warning red circle light is one of the several warning lights on the dashboard that most people do not know the meaning.

As a vehicle owner, you must understand your vehicle’s several components. This will help you detect when everything is okay and when they are not.

Vehicle warning lights are how your vehicle informs you about an issue. Some warning lights in your vehicle might be for minor issues. This includes not having your seat belt on, the topping of fluid, or a faulty sensor.

If you do not want your car to develop a severe fault, it is advisable to check and find out why there is a warning light on your dashboard, especially if you don’t know what the light indicates.

An example of a light requiring immediate attention is the red circle light on your vehicle’s dashboard. And in this post, we will help you discover what this red circle warning light means and how you can fix the problem.

Warning Red Circle Light on Dashboard

Vehicle Warning Lights on Dashboard

1. Check Engine Indicator

This car warning light is a yellow light that looks like a submarine. It requires immediate action when it comes up. If the light blinks, you must drive carefully at moderate speeds until you can get your car to a mechanic.

warning red circle light on dashboard - check engine
Check Engine Indicator

2. Battery Light

This warning light indicates that your vehicle’s battery is not charging correctly. This shows a problem with either the battery or the alternator and, if left unchecked, can result in electrical issues.

warning red circle light on dashboard
Battery Light

3. Temperature Warning Light

In some vehicles, you may only have a temperature gauge with a red section (H) at the highest end of the indicator. This red warning light looks like a key submerged in water. It shows that your engine is overheating. 

When the needle enters the red section, you must stop your engine as soon as possible. If the engine temperature warning light comes on again, you probably have a problem with your coolant, radiator, or water pump.

warning red circle light on dashboard - tempe light
Temperature Warning Light

4. Engine Oil Pressure Light

This is another red warning light that indicates low oil pressure, which means the lubrication is inadequate or lost entirely. 

You should check your motor oil level and pressure when you see this light. However, If that doesn’t get the light to turn off, have your vehicle checked out by a professional mechanic before you do any more damage to your car.

warning red circle light on dashboard - oil temperature
Engine Oil Pressure

5. Airbag Warning Light

This warning light indicates something is wrong with your airbag system. If the airbag light continues to flash or stay illuminated, it means one or more of your airbags are malfunctioning. Take the vehicle in for service immediately.

Airbag Warning Light

6. Low Fuel Indicator

This indicator helps you know that your fuel level is low. When your fuel level is less than two gallons in your gas tank, this symbol will let you know it’s time to visit a fuel station.

warning red circle light on dashboard - indicating low fuel
Low Fuel Indicator

What Does the Warning Red Circle Light on the Dashboard Mean?

The warning red circle light involves your vehicle’s braking system. It indicates that your brake–hand or parking brake is engaged and serves as a reminder that you should disengage it before driving.

However, if after you have disengaged it and it is still on, then it would mean the braking system is faulty.

This would only mean that your hydraulic pressure is on one side of the braking system or your fluid level found in the master cylinder is low due to a leak in the brake system. This issue can cause your vehicle to delay a little longer before stopping, which could be dangerous.

Remember, the brake is a critical component of a vehicle. It can contribute to road accidents when it develops a fault while you are driving. Therefore, you must take immediate action when you see this red circle warning light. 

What Should I Do When There is a Warning Red Circle Light on My Dashboard?

When your brake system/ brake fluid warning light continues, look for a safe spot to park to check the brake fluid. 

If adding brake fluid and releasing the parking brake doesn’t turn off the light, call a towing van to come and tow it to an automobile workshop. So a professional mechanic can help you diagnose and fix it.

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The warning red circle light on your dashboard is a way your car communicates with you that your hand or parking brake is engaged.

However, when the light fails to go off after you have disengaged the brake, it simply means that your braking system is faulty.

Because it could be a significant problem, your vehicle would require immediate attention. Therefore, you must take your car to a professional for diagnosis and repairs to ensure its safety and proper functioning.